How has education sector coped with COVID-19

How has education sector coped with COVID-19?

Since day one of this global pandemic, we are reading articles, posts, anything and everything that brings an insight into the situation at hand. It has been extremely difficult to carry on with our lives with such crisis surrounding us, forcing us to stay indoors in a period of isolation. While all these precautionary measures are extremely important in coping up with the current situations of COVID-19, we can not all together bring our work and education at a stop.

 It is important that we find ways of still continuing our work and not let these hard times stop us from working on other things that are also important. Today in the world of digital connectivity all around the globe, the internet has offered a solution to how we can continue our work while staying indoors.

The new normal of the education system:

With everyone working on their office projects and jobs with the help of internet and virtual connectivity, work from home is the new normal for all of us now. Schools and colleges have also opted for different ways to pursue online teaching majorly with the help of various video conferencing platforms. Video conference lectures and assignments are the major pillars through which education is being provided in the time of this global pandemic.

How has education sector coped with COVID-19

Teachers who have never faced the camera are now forced to work in front of it for hours, delivering their lecture along with handling a large number of students virtually. Students are struggling to keep up with the online classes as not all of them are equipped with proper electronic gadgets and good internet connectivity. While it is tough for each and every individual, the fact that this is the need of the moment can also not be ignored.

With uncertainty surrounding all of us, we can not just sit idle and wait for better times to open up the school and colleges. It is important that we accept this new normal of online teaching and together work on finding ways to make these online classes better and much more interactive so that it can help the students learn in an effective way. Along with some major drawbacks, there are also many benefits of online teaching and as of now, it is the best way in which we can work towards providing education without risking the health and lives of students.

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