Right to education

Is education a human right?

Living in the 21st century, one major key to development is understanding that education is not a privilege but a basic human right which should be provided to each and every individual respective of their race, caste, religion, skin colour or gender. It is the basic necessity of the moment, especially in the current world scenario and failure to understand this small concept can cost us a better future and opportunities for real growth, bringing disadvantages to not only a single nation but for the whole world and the human race as a whole.

We have come a long way in fighting discrimination when it comes to the right for education, and now most of the countries legally guarantee the right for education to each and every citizen without any discrimination, but the real question is how successful we have been in implementing this basic right for education which should be provided to each and every individual?

Why should education be a fundamental human right?

Education not only means the development of a single individual but it contributes to the development of society altogether. It is not only fundamental for social human and economical growth, but it can also be a key element in creating sustainable development and long-lasting peace, within a country as well as amongst different countries.

equal rights to education

Some of the benefits of providing education to all are:

  • It is a great way of empowering a nation as a much more informed society can work more efficiently and is more likely to achieve peace and development.
  • It can help in providing better opportunities for the poorer section of a country and can lift them out of poverty.
  • It contributes towards a complete development of human personality and growth for each and every individual, which leads to society better than yesterday.
  • Education can be a great way of making people realise their rights and potential proving that knowledge is the real key for the development

While most of the countries accept education as a fundamental human right, there still is need for awareness among the citizens as many people still discriminate on the basis of the sex of a child, taking away the right for the education of their girl child. Even with all the other developments taking place every second, our world cannot be better than yesterday if we fail to see how such conservative mentalities can harm the future for all of us.

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