Is Education Really Educating Us

Is Education Really Educating Us?

While almost all of us agree that education is extremely important for the welfare and complete development of an individual as well as the society in whole, a major concerning question regarding the current education system is, the education imparted today, is it really educating us? Is it allowing each of us to grow as an individual instead of turning us into sheep? While every system has some perks and downsides to it, the motive behind questioning the current notion is to try and figure out better ways in which the learning process can be more effective and beneficial for all.

The positive side:

With the increasing awareness related to education and efforts that are made in order to create a more inclusive society, we sure have come a long way by adapting better ways to lead our lives and create a much better society for ourselves. Education is a priority for every country as not only it helps in creating better individuals and a much more constructive society but overall it also shapes the future of that particular nation.

There has been many reforms and amendments in the education system which has helped it in growing and evolving for creating better opportunities for growth and made learning an effective process. The initiatives to give more focus on skills apart from academic qualifications and investing in overall development can surely help in creating a better learning process for each and every child.

benefits of education

The downside of the current education system:

Even with the efforts made by the government officials by passing new amendments for a better education system, the improper execution of such reforms is the major cause of slow or almost negligible development in many parts of the world. People are still biased and stuck with conservative methods of teaching which ends up killing the creativity of a child as an individual. More focus is given on memorizing capacities instead of critical and analytical thinking which makes it difficult for a child to effectively learn and develop a sense of understanding of their own. The implementation of better reforms in the education system is what we really need to work on so that we can create a society more informed than yesterday and eventually a world that is better than today. Shaping young minds in the right way is the key to developing a better generation and a better future for all.

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