Is online education a better way to shape our future generations

Is online education a better way to shape our future generations?

In recent times, with a global pandemic surrounding all of us, there have been some major changes in the way we lead our lives. From the education system to office work, everything is opting for an online mode of work and communication, acquainting us all to the various perks as well as downsides of using the digital platforms.

While digital platforms and the new normal of work from home, surely offers all of us some of the benefits, such as cutting down on unnecessary traffic and bringing in the realization that a lot of work can be done even with employees staying at home, with little flexible working hours. It still has created a lot more pressure on people as they are struggling to manage their office work while handling their children and house chores at the same time.

It has been very difficult for students in school and colleges to regularly attend online classrooms that are organized on multiple digital platforms. Not only it is extremely inconvenient for the teachers as well as the students, but the real question that we need to ask is also ‘are these online education methods really helping us in educating young minds?’

It sure can help in completing the course and marking the topics but the real process of learning is being compromised due to this virtual interaction that hardly benefits the students in learning properly.

How can we make the process more effective?

Given this pandemic, online education is no more left as a choice but it is the necessity of the moment. While the internet and online education can help us grow and be more independent in the process of learning, the current scenario of video conference lectures in schools and colleges has to be modified.

What we can do in helping this process be more beneficial is, introduce ways that are more interactive and not just one hour of virtual teacher-student lecture.

  • Apart from a video conference lecture we can provide recorded lectures as well, that can help a student view the lessons as per their own convenience and at flexible times. A student can study and view the lecture as many times as they want and truly benefit from that one hour of teaching.
  • Daily assignment work and interesting experiments or practical can be given so that the child can learn and develop an interest of their own so that the process of learning is not forced but fun.
  • More focus on creativity and skills can be given at this time so that students can pick up extracurricular skills that they could not due to hectic schedule and studies.

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